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Leonardo Teether Rattle

Leonardo Teether Rattle

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Encouraging fine motor skills and sensory development with a fun-filled rattle and teether
  • SUPPORTS SENSORY DEVELOPMENT: The rattle's fun features - the rattling feedback, fun ball, clicking ratchet, crinkly tail and textured ears - all support your baby's sensory development.
  • ENCOURAGES FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The rattle itself and the spinning ball at its end help the baby practise hand and finger muscles, encouraging fine motor skills.
  • FUN RATTLING FRIEND: The rattle features Leonardo, a friendly lion with clearly defined features and a smiling expression.
  • Available in two other versions: Florence the Fawn and Samuel the Elephant.

Age Tips

3-5+ months - SENSES
Leonardo's rattling sound, crinkly fabric and soft teether offer the baby a wide variety of sensory stimuli. Simply let your little one explore these features with hands and mouth.

3-5+ months - FINE MOTOR SKILLS
Let your baby try to grasp and hold the rattle while producing the rattling feedback. The spinning ball will also help encourage babies to practice their finger and hand muscles.

As babies grow, they will enjoy spinning the rattle's ball and attempting to move the ratchet independently to produce the rewarding clicking sound it makes.
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