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Cozy Tiny Rocker - Grey

Cozy Tiny Rocker - Grey

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From playing to rocking with one click! Uniquely designed cozy rocker with 3 reclining positions
  • ONE-CLICK SHIFT TO ROCKER: Easily converts into comfy rocker with just one click.
  • 3 RECLINING POSITIONS that are perfect for playing, exploring, rocking and engaging with your little one.
  • NURTURES COMMUNICATION: Raised angle offers an excellent position for enjoying some face-to-face time with baby, talking, communicating and bonding.
  • PROMOTES EQ: Uniquely designed rocker that creates a cozy environment and features calming rocking movements that support baby's emotional development.
  • INSPIRES PLAYING & PRACTICING: Featuring and engaging music and lights toy with an adjustable arm that inspires babies to play.
  • FOSTERS EXPLORATION: A secure environment that encourages babies to look around, observe and learn about their environment.
  • SAFE & COZY ENVIRONMENT features soft pad with raised borders and premium fabrics.
  • Stay near and watch baby during use. This product is not safe for sleep or unsupervised use. If baby falls asleep, remove baby as soon as possible and place baby on a firm, flat sleep surface such as a crib or bassinet.


  1. From playing to rocking with ONE CLICK.
  2. Mid position for communication & exploring surroundings.
  3. Rocking position in a cozy environment.
  4. Entertaining with music and lights.
  5. Stable mode option.
  6. Lightweight & portable.
  7. Machine washable seat pad.
  8. Vibrations felt through entire seat.
  9. Adorable soft pals.
  10. Easy parental access with adjustable toy arm.
  11. Adjustable canopy for shade & serenity.


0-3 months: PROMOTING EQ
Quiet time alone is important for baby's development. Let your baby enjoy the gentle rocking movement of the Tiny Rocker while gazing at the musical electronic toy and his surroundings.
Move the Tiny Rocker’s hanging electronic toy close enough to baby's palm to help practice fine motor skills, by simply raising hand and batting at the toy.
About a fifth of all babies suffer from colic. The Tiny Rocker’s soft vibrations help babies' immature digestive system and ease their discomfort.

The Tiny Rocker offers parents an excellent angle for chatting with their little one and enjoying some precious bonding time while supporting language acquisition.

Rocker Position: Engaging & Relaxing
The Rocker Position with the option of changing vibrations stimulates babies’ bodily sensations and relaxes them with its rocking movement.
Chat & Observe Position:
The perfect position for either enjoying some rewarding face-to-face contact and a good chatty-babble or letting your little one quietly observes their surroundings.
Play & Practice Position:
The raised position inspires baby to play and practice motor skills, reaching out to touch the fun music and lights toy.

These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:

The Cozy Tiny Rocker with its soothing canopy, clearly defined borders, calming music, and light vibrations create an ideal womb-like environment the envelops and soothes baby while supporting the development of EQ.
The colorful toys, captivating lights, soft vibrations and soothing and playful music all stimulate baby's senses and encourage sensory development.

Fine Motor Skills
When babies reach out and attempt to bat at the hanging toys they practice and hone their fine motor skills and learn eye-hand coordination.
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